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The Energy Efficient Foam Coalition’s (EEFC) mission is to promote the benefits of foam insulation. Foam insulation products are critical tools that architects, contractors and building owners can use to meet the stringent energy code requirements of today and tomorrow. The EEFC’s members are in the business of providing energy-efficient foam insulation that satisfies fire safety standards while supporting the health and safety of occupants and workers.

Uphold fire safety by voting to disapprove code proposals FS 170-15 and FS 171-15 to modify the International Building Code. Click here to learn more.

The proposals represent the fifth time attempts to reduce fire safety were rejected by ICC code development committees or governmental voting members. The EEFC urges code officials to support the action of the 2015 IBC Fire Safety Committee and uphold the recommendation from the public comment votes by disapproving FS 170-15 and FS 171-15.

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